Our Story

Building is a passion we have so we wanted to build something that makes people smile by taking them back to when they were a kid or creating something that just seems cool.

We also wanted to create a place in the great outdoors where people can sit back and relax while experiencing the beauties of the environment around them.

Crooked Shutter Treehouse became the way to help us complete our journey of tying all these experiences together so we could share them with you… a way to getaway and revisit fun times of the past while making new memories.

Here are some inspirational projects we worked on and outdoor experiences we had which influenced the creation of Crooked Shutter Treehouse.

The Crooked Playhouse

Playhouse FoundationStarting to put up the playhouse wallsFront view of the playhouseSide view of the playhouse

A Backyard Oasis

Before the backyard transformation beganView from the fireplace patioView of the pond with fishView of the entire backyard from the bridge

Majestical hikes along the Appalachian Trail

Having lunch with friends from the hikeBeautiful view of the mountainsView of the 100ft waterfalls